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Friday, August 6, 2010

Turning a New Page

Nancy's original search for Soul Survival has evolved to a new Reincarnation-Psychic/Mediumship, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts; Haunting direction!

My focus is on the Paranormal (Particularly Ghosts and Spirit Communication) and these Blogs and future books will be part of the "Two World" series of books. In addition my first self-help book is "Help! Get me out of the Funk!" and more to be added as part of the "Help!" series

To acquaint you readers who are not familiar with  me let me give a little background.  I am originally from Northern California, where I raised a family. At 39 developed Cancer, obtained a divorced six months later ending a 21 yr marriage to find my life purpose before (as I felt at that time) for whatever time I had left. Four yrs later, left my 24 yr. career as Engineering Office Supervisor with Pacific Bell Telephone Company Sacramento CA, to pursue a career as an Intuitive Psychic Consultant.  Five years ago my 2nd husband Larry and I moved to Tucson AZ.

Just this past week I joined . I have just submitted my first two (listed on Amazon) published books to CreateSpace, to be scanned after several editing changes and issued new ISBN numbers for "Editions 2". Adding these two books to Kindle has been idea I've wanted for some months and re-issuing these two books will open up more purchase opportunities for the public. I have three books underway. Two complete course materials offered on my web site that will be PDF'd and added to Amazon's list of offered materials. I have read volumes recently about the benefits of offering eBooks, Kindle and regular old-fashioned paper books. We can all see the direction "reading" is going, and this week I've joined the new direction of on-demand and downloadable books.

My course materials will be eventually offered on Kindle and the CD/DVD's offered in the Music Section of CreateSpace. All to be print-on-demand and never do I have to again, "Shipped to Amazon" to be forwarded to a Customer issues. What a great idea!

Well this afternoon I'll be downloading the newest version of "Word", newest program on PDF Conversion and then downloading a program on "Chicago/Apa Editing" to compliment my efforts in writing the next three books.

To find out more about me or if curious who this "wordy" lady is, please go to:

Until the next Blog,
Live with Enthusiasm,