Are You Dating Again?

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Love Affair that Spanned Lifetimes

He laid on the gurney, young dark haired man. 20ish and fresh faced, he barely looked over 14. The two young nurses barely out of their teens both fall in love with him. He was tall and would use each girl to lean on as he learned to steady himself and walk on crippled legs. The war was harsh, medical treatment in 1917 on a battle field was swift and merciless but saved his life.

The call came out that a new wave of patients were coming. One of the girls volunteers to go help load the patients into the wooden wagons.

She never came back.

The surviving nurse and the young man eventually marry and they forget the other nurse.

Paula was born in the 1950’s and in her 40’s experienced her first psychic reading. The Medium turns to her and asks, “Who is Liz?”

Paula replies she is not aware of anyone in spirit with the name of Liz or Elizabeth.

The Medium then says, “She wants to say Hi.”

At the time of this reading, Paula and I had been friends for a few years, she told me all about the session and that the Medium talked about a “Liz”.

Paula had recently divorced and looked forward to dating again. A year later she met a new man and started a relationship.

After they had gone on a few dates, he mentioned that he was a widow, and that his deceased wife’s name was “Liz”.

Confused and anxious she tells me and wants to know why and how this “Liz” would know her and had wanted to say “Hello”.

I suggested a Past-Life Regression. A month later, spring 1999, Paula drove up to my house in Pollock Pines CA for this session.

Anxious but curious, we start.

She sees a white tent, she and her best friend are nurses. The “War to end all Wars” is taking a huge toll of life. The girls have left school in the French country side and volunteered to be nurses on the fringe of the battle fields. Within days of this assignment, they were both given a young patient to tend to. They both fell in love with him. Having taken turns picking up wounded men, it was Paula’s turn to go to the field. She remembers lifting the arm of a young soldier when everything went black.

She pauses and seems confused and frustrated that she is not with the young soldier whom she loves. Her voice quickens and she says, “My friend will love the man.”

In this in- between life place, I asked her if she recognized any of those people in this current lifetime. She quickly replied, “My new boyfriend is that young soldier and it is now my turn to love him. In this lifetime, his first wife was my best friend from the battlefield. Elizabeth was her name then, and they have finished a contract now.”

I did record that session and we talked about it in length. We realized that it is now her turn to love the young soldier in this lifetime. Her friend Elizabeth came during a session with a Medium, to bring forth a hidden memory of a lifetime they had shared together.

This silent trigger had to be given for Paula to want to investigate and resolve the mystery of “who is Liz?”

Yep, Paula did marry her new boyfriend; it was her time to love him.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Size of the Universe and Your Problem

Received a call from my friend, she talked to me about how difficult her week had been. She is very spiritual and enjoys talking to me about anything spirit or ghost like.

We both “know” that we live past death, and still we debate all the particulars about the After Life.

We all have problems nowadays with the economy being so bad. Jobs are few and our hardships remind us every day how we wish our lives were easier and better.

Even I need to be reminded that our journey here is very short, very tough most of the time, and it is our choice to learn or surrender to the emotional demons we create in our minds.

How many of you over think a problem, your heart races and the issue becomes a big green-eyed dragon?

To believe in an After Life, is to also believe that we choose to be a particular person, and the lessons to be learned in that lifetime. This was a hard concept for me to accept. I did not believe in reincarnation until my grandson had me draw a picture of him 10 ½ months before he was born. When I drew his picture 6-6-1990, I asked who he would belong to and I was shown the figure of my daughter. I then heard the words, “A selection has been made. “ August 1990 my daughter calls me and says she is 45 days pregnant.

To accept this principle means that each life with all the problems is selected. Yes, I’ve had a tough road; I have walked on a bed of broken glass just like you!

I have learned to “surrender” to life’s hard times. With that concept, “I will survive it!” And I did have cancer at 39, so I have had the fear of Death given to me.

When I can’t easily “surrender” I use the 30 second visual exercise below to calm my big green-eyed dragon. Actually this is my favorite and because of my talk with Karen.

When you are in a stressful spot, I’d like to ask you to incorporate a three-step breathing technique to calm down enough to create a place in your mind for the next step. Remember we cannot think and control our breathing at the same time.

Did you see Shirley MacLaine’s movie “Out on a Limb” 1987? It was a story of her life; but, I want to bring to your attention a great scene where she is in a hot tub closes her eyes and she zooms up through the sky to the moon! This is called astral projection, and when you leave your body many times the traveler can see the cord of their spirit attached to both the living body and the traveling astral body. Most people travel during their dreams without even realizing it. Have you ever crashed during the middle of the night and a big-jerking motion awakens you absolutely completely. Well in my world that is called a “Crash Landing!”

Now let us take that first step and control your breaths for three long inhales and exhales. Think about each action, breathing in – hold your breath – slowly let out your breath, repeat three times.

Now visualize your astral self, leave your body at the top of your shoulders, as though a magnet is pulling you through space. Pull up through the clouds to just beyond the last level of air on our planet, looking down marvel how blue the oceans are and the outlines of the land masses below you.

Pull yourself up further to the level of our moon, looking down at the earth and marvel at the “marble” look of the clouds and how blue the oceans are.

You are flying now as through a magic magnet is pulling ever so fast. You’ve gone past Saturn; looking back to the Sun you are unable to see our beautiful blue Earth.

Further past Pluto, pulling faster away from our galaxy you are now looking down and seeing the Sun only as a bright light.

You witness the constellation in which we are part of and the wonders of the immerse universe and infinite expanse of creation itself.

Now tell me, how big is your problem?

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Angel And The Lovers

Around 2001, Kim told me the below story. As I typed this story for you, I recapped it the best I can remember. I have changed the names to protect her and her privacy.


Kim relayed this event to me several years ago and has contemplated the “what if” outcome since then.


I had been single for several years and when I met Rick, I completely fell for him.

Yes, we had differences, but we each felt we were a good matched and ready for the next step. That is I thought so. As the discussion of commitment came up, it was clear that I was ready and he was not.

I became short-tempered and found myself not wanting to continue the relationship and waste no more time with him.

One of Rich’s favorite pastimes was to attend off-road vehicle races. One particular weekend we went to Plymouth California for an event. Hot, dry and noisy the crowds were mulling about between the big race events.

I was trying to be attentive to him, but found myself holding his hand and just looking around while he talked to his friends.

I had my left shoulder to his right shoulder and turned to look around. I am looking down at the dirt ground and noticed a man standing a little too close facing me. I look up quickly and a very tall man in a dark suit is looking directly at me!

I am 6’ tall with the boots I was wearing; this man was at least 6’2” and I looked directly into his eyes and gasped. He was very good looking, long blond-white semi-straight hair with blue as the sky eyes. He was young looking probably around my age (30ish), yet he so stood out in this crowd with a dark blue suit on.

I probably stood there with my mouth open, and all I could say was, “Hello?” As though I did not know what I should say next. I thought to myself, “This man is really handsome!” Yet here I stood holding Richard’s hand, I felt guilty.

He spoke, “Do you love him? You need to tell him.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. I turned quickly around to get Richard’s attention, pulling on his arm to get him to face me.

As he did, I said, “This man here…” Turning around to look at him again, he was gone. I franticly looked around, he was really gone! 10 seconds and he is not within visual? With hair like that and a blue suit, he would really be seen easily.

Richard tugged on my arm again and asked, “What did you want?”

Looking back at Richard I said, “There was a tall blond man there! Now he is gone!”

He turned back and continued his conversation with his friends. I stood there dumbfounded and misbelieving my eyes. Now what do I make of this?

I should mention here that I am a policewoman, and not prone to missing details.

I did not tell Richard I loved him. I had been backing off and so did he, within a month we stopped seeing each other.

I believe that this was an Angel visitation, telling me I’d lose him if I did not speak up. In my mind, we were on two different paths and I had been in similar situations before that led nowhere.

Did I miss my chance with the man I was meant to be with? To the unborn children that were never conceived?

Several years later I met someone new. We dated three years, and then got married.

I’ve always wondered what role that “Angel” was meant to have in my life. I wonder how my life would have been if I had told Richard I loved him. I take it that the “Angel” implied our relationship would have had a different outcome. Would that “Angel” come back into my life again, I guess I’ll never know.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Relationship Issue #2 What Would You Do?

This story is about woman married and divorced once years earlier to an over-baring controlling man, she had to work two jobs to get her life back on track.

She was able to purchase a small perfect home to live.

She had been single for some time. She likes her wine and enjoys wine every evening after dinner.

Single after many years, she meets an on-and-off working man.  They hit it off right away. They date, he needs a place to live, and he asks and she accepts his moving into her house.

Off and on she calls me and asks whether this relationship will continue.

Each time we would talk she would speak of their arguments and how angry he would get. I would press what was the reason for his anger? She would say, “For many different reasons.”

Within a month she calls and says her relationship is over. Wow, really? And I ask why. She then tells me the truth, “He was now a recovering alcoholic, almost three months.” He was trying to get her to stop her drinking.

He moves out. He immediately finds another woman and moves into her house. Her heart is broken when she is told he has a new lady. She is angry and jealous and feels he betrayed her.

I asked how she found out. She has a mutual friend who relayed all info about him to her.

My client was told she must take “mandatory forced days off” each month and could not afford her bills. She loses her house to foreclosure.

A very close friend rallies around her and offers her monies for a manufactured home in a local subdivision. She now has a wonderful opportunity and a great home for a great price.   She is very happy.

A month after she moves into her house, her “Ex” calls her and says he has made a mistake.

The logical answer would be for her to tell him she is done. Easy for us, but she is in love with him. She enjoys her wine, even if she does have 2 or 3 glasses a night. She is in her mid-fifties and is entitled. She understands his need to stop drinking.

He is willing to allow her drinking, but he will not always look away. When out and about he will insist she not drink and cause him to have urges to drink.

She does not want to struggle. She wants to stop missing him.

They cannot stay away from each other.

She calls crying.  He wants to move in again.

What would you do?

Here is how this stands as of today:

They have continued to see each other just off and on for last few couple of months. She did not allow him to move into her new "beginnings",  especially since he was not in her life at the time of purchase and moving in.

They see each other very infrequently. My impression is that he will end it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dating Disasters

Ladies, this is the official kick-off for my book on "Are You Dating Again?" Especially for the mid-life to later single lady searching for love and companionship.

I plan on having most of this book as blogs. To see the complete e-book series, the web site is

Dating Disasters

A charming lady, beautiful, successful, looking for love and always suffering a broken heart. Love comes and her partner’s actions destroy her perceived happiness. How do we recover? How do we not be afraid of the next partner, worried and waiting for the next disaster to strike?

Sounds like the above lady should give up dating. Crazy as it seems, we are hard-wired to seek out a mate, have offspring and fight for survival.

I get it, we get born, live, flourish and then give up the ghost.

Even a little humor cannot deter that we must live, flourish and survive dating and finding someone we can trust. In the days of the “Cave Man Era”, finding a mate was paramount to survival for a woman and offspring. This notion has not changed!

Over years of helping both men and women seek and identify their special life partner, it is clear that one must prioritize who they are as a person. What their true life direction is, to select the correct life partner.

In subsequent articles I will break down the how and how not to select, date and then succeed in a relationship. This will be funny at times and at other times uncomfortable; but to be successful, we must stretch and bend our thinking processes to learn about our potential partner and be very clear how “They will enhance our Life”. That is the truth to a successful relationship, to know oneself and be clear to who and what our path in life is and to bring a partner to balance and enhance our journey.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unknowingly Predicted Two Deaths

Here it is fall of 2010 and our first Tucson Psychic Fair since last spring. Our turnout was great with more people working the fair and a greater number of people visiting us.

As usual, getting ready for an event of any kind is time consuming and I need to be careful not to forget products, tapes, recorder, flyers, etc. Of course after 20 years of doing events, every once in a while, I wonder how many I will do before it becomes too much work.

Until I get to the event and unpack and start saying hello to everyone, only then I feel relaxed and excited to have the day begin. Over the years, many good events and a few not so good, always I am very grateful to have spirit kind bring those people to me who can hear my words my way to facilitate their personal journey. If I were to worry that I’ve have a few clients and watch others who have many, puts my Ego in front of Divine direction. I cannot give help to those who cannot hear my words.

Over the years, I’ve received many ‘thank you’ notes and on my web site I do have a page for just ‘Testimonials’. Yet, I personally struggle with the Free Will idea; or, do we have a written story for our lives and life is already pre-designed? Free Will vs. Destiny how and why does that choice or decision exists for us? Do we live just in each second of life, making each moment truly just our own thought and choice? Over the years, I have seen the yet to be born to a grandmother, a move for a couple describing their dream retirement home or to a budding actress her secret wish to be famous. Having an Engineering background, I strive to interpret the future as carefully as I can. To think I have the power to predict a non-fallible future is wrong and I cannot think I am that important. The information I receive of a future event, needs to be embraced by the client to help the future to happen if desired; and if not so, whatever free will we do have to re-shape their future to suit their life needs.

What if a predicted future event is not your choice or within your control? Does the Divine Universe, work through us to soften the blow of an event not desired? Is it possible that certain events may be not emotionally survivable for some people unless forewarned? That statement is so huge that if we could have prepared would we want to know?

I will not forget the grandmother who came to visit me in 1992, very stately and proper lady. She brought her close friend to keep her company while she sat with me for a session. Her concern was masked with other ‘ordinary concerns’ about her life and that of her business. While we were talking, she casually asked about a 15 months old granddaughter who seemed to be struggling with her health. She low-keyed asking about the outcome of her illness. In my mind I was show the 2nd week in February 1993, assuming a positive outcome I said that a turning point would occur (I told her that date) and that I hoped for the best for her.

This graceful lady took in her breath and finished her time with me and left. At the end of February she called and asked to visit me. She told me that she was braced for the worse as the doctors had predicted. Knowing that the end of this child’s life was soon as the doctors would not and could not guarantee a survival for this child. So this lady left knowing that the week given to her was of a negative and not a positive outcome. She came to tell me that this time to prepare was good for her to see and understand that a date was already seen and could not be changed at least not by her. This precious granddaughter passed the 2nd week of February 1993. This was told to me with grace and a ‘Thank you’. Not one I was expecting, and up to a short time after I moved to Tucson from Sacramento “Carol” had been a continual client. She also sought out my ‘opinion’ to how her mother was doing and the length of her ‘illness’ and then after ‘Mother’ passed how she was doing with her family on the other side.

Now to tell you the story that prompted me to write this blog. The below dialog was told to my husband after my lecture, at the September 26th Psychic Fair in Tucson. A woman walked up to him and told him about her session that I gave her at the last psychic fair held in late spring.

Evidently, I had an opportunity to talk to a woman about her life, ranch and casually mentioned an up-coming trip. I vaguely remember this woman, perhaps she was the lady that had the light-brown hair and wearing the light-leather jacket.

We discussed her business and I spontaneously told her of an upcoming trip. Where she would fly and have a ‘brown suitcase’ of significant importance. Very strange for me to say, “For some reason the brown suitcase was important.” She got a little excited and stated that she would not go on any trip, especially one at this time that she was not planning. I was surprised at her resistance and she stated she had too many horses and dogs on this ranch to leave to do any traveling.

I vaguely remember thinking why did I bring this up, since she did not ask about any travel plans.

August 31st there was an unfortunate Crane accident in Oklahoma, one man was killed and another man injured when something fell from the crane hitting them both. The man who died from his injuries was part of this woman’s immediate family.

Grieving family and the stress of taking care of details this woman made immediately plans to travel to Oklahoma.

Taking care of the plane ticket, her man friend came to see her and after explaining what had occurred she started fretting that she had no luggage for the trip. It just so happened that this man had in his truck a suitcase and offered it to her for her trip. Gladly accepting, he went out to his vehicle and came in with a ‘brown suitcase’.

At that moment, the woman recalled my prediction and, “Oh my God! The trip!” came immediately into her mind. To further this prediction and the "importance of this suitcase," that while at the airport both wheels came off this large suitcase and she ended up dragging that suitcase all over the airports.

Why and how did I pick up this trip? Clearly on her time-line I probably picked up this ‘emotional’ incident, but why did I feel the immediate need to tell her of this trip? I believe that the universe ‘made’ me see this, her spirit people directed her to talk to me. She could have chosen anyone else at this event, but she chose me and I told her of this ‘trip’. The bottom line is that this ‘death’ was divinely programmed to happen; she emotionally was able to deal with this event and the crisis of her suffering family.

She finished telling this story to my husband and that she offered to write this up for my "Testimonials".
If you are interested in reading what I have received from other clients, please go to

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love Triangle Case #1 – What would you do?

I received a difficult client call today and have decided to share this client's story; as this is not typical of most love-triangles I am asked to give advice on. This client has been calling me for some time as I have been  giving her survival tools through all the below difficult twists and turns.

This couple originally met as singles. She was left by her husband and He had already separated from his wife.

Her husband asked that he be given another chance, there were still children at home and she felt it would not be fair to the children to say ‘no’.  Her husband immediately moved back home.

The man reconsidering that he was not dating anyone, and that his ‘ex-wife-to-be’ was giving him ‘grief’ running his family business, also decided to move back home.

Meantime, husband that moved back home did not give up ‘girlfriend’ and was found out. Again, he moved out and filed for divorce.

My client kept getting calls from this man asking how she is going, while her husband files for divorce and the drama of dealing with the divorce and children.

They have pleasant communication and she sees him as kind and caring.

His business gets back on track and he tells Her that He and his wife tolerate each other to make the business do well.

After the divorce, my client had lost some weight and had some ‘cosmetic work done’.  She decides she is ready to date again.

Man talks to woman, before she finds a new dating partner, and proclaims undying love for her.

Fresh out of the divorce she welcomes him into her life, because man claims ‘he is in a loveless marriage’. Two years later, woman decides she wants a ‘potential relationship that will go to marriage’. She decides she prefers marriage to being single and says to the man, “When, if ever, do you plan on leaving your love-less marriage?”

He admits it will be difficult to leave because he has not set up the family business with someone else handling his wife's services and book keeping. He travels for his business, out of state often and for now cannot see his way free. He does add that he loves her and that before two more years are up he will leave his wife.

Up to this point, their on-and-off romance has lasted 5 years. She works, has no other boyfriends and sees her man once or twice a month whenever he can slip away.

She has advanced with her company, oldest of her two children has moved off to college and the youngest child has two more years of high school and eventually plans to move out. She sees her personal life shift where children kept her busy, seeing this man ever so often was good enough.

She is now 43 years old and within two years will be completely free of family responsibilities. She is thinking that a husband to share life with her is what she desires for her long-range plans.

She tells man, to be honest and give her his plans on leaving his loveless marriage. They talk, fight, cry and make-up several times over the next two years. He seems to have crisis after crisis, either travel out of state, illness of wife’s mother and then his mother. This takes up the next two years.

He proclaims love for her, calls and whispers sweet nothings, she calms down with him. She calls me to say he told her that he was ready to move out.

We are now at year 7 of this relationship. She is now 45 years old and youngest child is deciding to spend the 1st year of college at a local JC, to live at home and save money. Man tells woman, “How can I move in with you, since you still has a child at home?” Woman comes back and says, “What an apartment of your own is not good enough?” Conversation goes back and forth; she admits to him that he should get divorced before immediately moving in with her.

Year 8, promises made and broken, frustration of getting older and not seeing this man more than twice a month has left her lonely and frustrated.

She confronts him and questions him of her true role in his life. He does love her and proclaims his life lost without her. Within in a few days, text’s to her that he may never be able to be the man she wants him to be. That at this time in his life, he cannot divorce his wife and break up his business, clearly the wife’s involvement in his business would cause them to bankrupt, if he had to split it with wife.

So, what would you reply to this man if you were this woman? Remember she does love him.

Leave your comments below. I’ll let you know what this woman decides to do next, as this story is still unfolding.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"On a Clear Day You Can See Forever"

A couple of days ago, I received a call from a new client, he gave me his last name as ‘Nelson’ and I commented back to him that my maiden name was also ‘Nelson’.

I wrote into my 'Log' his name and phone number and asked when he wanted to talk with me. After the booking, I looked back at the log and noticed written down on the column to the left, the name one of my favorite movies, “On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever”. I remember writing that movie title a few days earlier, as a note to refer to that movie in a talk.

Thinking about that movie and the client’s name of Nelson, made me think of my deceased Father who had been killed by a drunk driver when I was six years old. My thoughts of a long-ago parent and what I’ve missed by not having him in my life. Thinking of the movie and soul survival I wondered if my Father has had any influence in my life.

I walked out of my office to talk to my husband, and let him know I was going to the Post Office. He was cleaning out his lunch box, and I asked how the night before work had gone and if he had received any tips for his part-time airport taxi service. He had received a very minimal tip from a couple of elderly people. We talked for a new minutes and I said he would appreciate any ‘tip’ because most careers are ‘tip not-included’ in salary.

Our talk took a turn and though I have given much more time with each and every client and endless hours of talks, church ministry, and other activities I have only had two ‘tips’ in over 20 years of work. I had never thought of this before; nor should it ever conflict with my true intent of helping others and never should I ever feel silted or deprived or to expect otherwise because I have established a fee for my services.

So feeling confident that I have earned my income, I took hold of mail and keys in hand and headed to the car.

Settled in my bright yellow VW, I put in the keys into the ignition and on came my car radio. To my surprise Yves Montand, the star of “On a Clear Day You can See Forever” was singing this theme song! The words I heard first were,

                         “On a clear day, rise and look around you

                          And you’ll see who just prove you are.”

Catching my breath, I listened to the rest of the song.

Turning off the engine I rushed back into the house and told this story to my husband. Breathless I put together my thoughts of my Dad and the timing of Mr. Nelson asking for a session just as I would log his name next to the name of the movie, “On a Clear Day”.

I thanked my ‘Dad’, Bruce Nelson, for visiting me that day, for moving me ever so slightly to get to the car just in time to hear that song. We all need to be validated for our life’s work. I wasn’t aware that I needed to be reminded, but as with all of us in today’s climate of uncertainty we must move forward and trust that the universe has us just where we need to be.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you an Emotional Hoarder?


You really loved that man! How dare he not call you, not remember your birthday, leave you for someone else. Your best friend talks to you about everything in the universe and about her love life, yet does not have time to listen to your problems? Mother or Father issues of neglect, older brother sister treated you with disrespect.

Are you still holding on to some of these issues? Do you carry a grudge against your partner, and in your relationship? Does emotional hoarding affect the love between you and your boyfriend? Are you not able to “let go”.

The big question is: We all have “crap” happen, the truth of the problem is: how long do you hold onto the emotion of the incident?  At least 10 years back I had a friend of my mother’s come to me for a “session” to help clear up some emotional issues. Her first statement was, “I am so mad at my man!”

After getting his first name, I asked how long since he had called or talked to her in person, so I could get to the root of his neglect towards her. Well, well, well I almost fell over! She had not heard from him for 17 years!!!!

Clearly she was with this ended relationship an “emotional hoarder”.

What is the value in your life of any emotional hoarding? Please don’t be a victim of life, do not give your power (your life) to an incident or a relationship long ended.

Do you still feel a victim, determine what you need so you can let go or move on.  If you are emotionally clouded in your mind, think through what and how to constantly re-direct your energy. Get out of the relationship that does not work, instead of being a victim and an emotional hoarder.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emotional shake that "Ex" out of your life!


Hello everyone,

Got a call today from a client who was at work and so depressed that she was prompted to call me and see what I could tell her. Two years ago she left a marriage where the husband had not released the other woman he dated prior to their marriage nine years earlier.

Within weeks of their separation the “other woman” came fully back into his life.

All three of their lives were intertwined because they all worked for the same company at one time, and now share all the same friends.

Two years later this past week, the ex and the “other woman” who is now permanently moved into his home, went on a vacation with the club they belonged to.

This friend, who called me today, told me that even though this sounded like a great trip decided not to go because of her ex also going. Friends called her two days ago reporting back to her how this couple were in conflict with each other, and the girlfriend being very bossy.

Today my friend, while at work suddenly was flooded with the thoughts of her ex. A work mate came over and asked if she was alright because she looked pale and upset. My friend said she was feeling depressed and weighted down and something wasn’t right with the world. She then left for a break walking outside with her phone and called me.

Answering the phone, she was elated for me to answer. “Thank goodness you were near the phone, I am so down or depressed. I can’t get “J” out of my mind, even had a dream of him last night.” She then told me of the friends returning from the trip and how glad she had not gone.

Turning on my “psychic energy” and moving to her, I had to maneuver around a dark donut shape smoky energy encircling her torso. As I touched this foreign soul touching her, it reacted back to me with “I am J”. Well, well, well you have an “attachment”! I almost yelled at her. A living attachment can be a loved one or could be someone like “J” who has remorse, longing or regret. Clearly he has attached to his ex my friend; perhaps he may regret and wished that he was still married to her as this trip would have been more fun or remembering that his now ex was never as bossy as the girlfriend was on this trip. How many scenarios can I create that would or could describe why this man is wrapped around his ex-wife my friend.

“Well how do I get him off me?” She sounded angered and feeling victimized by him once more.

Shake him off like a wet dog trying to dry off. “Really!” she said.

What if we had the ability to color this energy and you could see the “cording” from him to you like a thick braid and then the wrapping around your torso. Wouldn’t you want to push it off of you? Or perhaps get a really big pair of scissors to cut and sever the connection?

“What a great way to think about that. I’ll do it, and think of that gray cloud around me moving back to him and his miserable life!”

Then announcing that she needed to get back to work, my last words to her were, “This will be a good topic for my blog!”

So, how many of you are still thinking of someone with regret and unhappiness, or anger and remorse?

What message are you giving that person? Do you think they will come back into your life if you are sending that message?

My best thought is to completely pull your life force back to you. Keep you to yourself. Create a “missing in the other person’s world” by shaking him off from you! If the other person is smart enough to figure out what is keeping he or she from being happy and may discover it is you. Then you will be in the winning place to make the decision to accept the return of this individual into your life, based on an emotionally healthier place than when the split occurred.

“a young woman, loving her man”


The focus for this blog is a song I just heard on the radio. The song was sung by Doris Day and it was called, “I’ll never stop loving you.” Doris Day the darling of her era, energetic starry-eyed girl swooning over the man she loves.

Now don’t get that I listen to this “very old song station” and that I am an antique! Not the least! This station gives me pleasant background sounds to type by. Also, great ideas to blog, so this sound brought up images of a young woman, loving a man and devoting all her “Undying love and pledging her love forever to him”

Within the hour I hear Willy Nelson sing, “All the girls I’ve loved before”, it is beautifully written and sung. Melody is easy to hear. I stopped and listened to the words of male non-commitment and unabashed conquests. Perhaps the female listener might say, “Wish it could have been me to have such a celebrity fling with the artist!” Yet, most women would see this song writer as someone who brags of the large number of conquests. Over the 20 years, I could count on my two hands the number of women I’ve met who date, “like a single man” and seeking conquests to brag about to her friends.

Ok, before I get a law-suit thrown at me for being insensitive to the writer’s goals of creating a “fantasy most men only dream about”. Perhaps we all need a long history of love conquests. When I’m in my 80’s will I regret the two marriages I’ve had and the lack of a closet full of shoe boxes of love notes, gifts and pictures of conquests?

I’ve been talking 20 years assisting men and women about their love relationships issues. I am so convinced that women are “hard-wired” to nest and we are unconsciously always creating a safe haven for a child to be born. Ok own it girls, if we are hard wired and it is our nature, why are you surprised when a man comes into your life for a “fling”; you call me exclaiming, “Is he the man who will marry me?”

The fundamentals of what I’ve witness is: that of 100% of single dating men, 95% of these men are looking for a “fling”. To get a better perspective on this theory: The primitive early years of human kind, men where the ones who left the tribe to forge for food and then coming back to the tribe with his food prize to seek a mate to continue the building of the clan. Women who are single and dating, 95% of those women are looking to “marry” and create a permanent nest, hard wired to wait for the man to come back to the cave.

Clearly, we are out of whack here! So we women need to be better prepared to tackle that 5% with better understanding of “men kind”. Be ready to grown into the woman you’ve always wanted to be, emotional healthy with personal goals and excited with the prospect to meeting the best suited partner for you.

Question of “marriage” after meeting your perfect partner; ah yes, I will cover this also at a later time.

How many of you have had sessions with me and I’ve said, “Mothers raise their sons to be Kings and their daughters to be Queens to those Kings!” Also with that statement, many women up to this generation that my daughter is part of still feel the need to feel whole only if a ‘man’ is wanting her. Is this the generation of our daughters, when they will wear the kings “crown”?

Many more couples are choosing not to marry. Just to commit because they saw their parents and grandparents, stay together within a loveless papered union. Oh yes, this will take a future article also!

Have I painted a grim picture of dating relationships, is there no hope for true dating relationship to marriage when apparently there is only 5% of single dating men looking for marriage?

Now this is when it becomes exciting. Perhaps we need to revamp and look at ourselves and say, “I am a great catch! Is he good enough for me?” Future blogs will cover the best I can offer to “catch” your mate and make him wanting to take you to the marriage bed!

More to come!  Nancy

Friday, August 6, 2010

Turning a New Page

Nancy's original search for Soul Survival has evolved to a new Reincarnation-Psychic/Mediumship, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts; Haunting direction!

My focus is on the Paranormal (Particularly Ghosts and Spirit Communication) and these Blogs and future books will be part of the "Two World" series of books. In addition my first self-help book is "Help! Get me out of the Funk!" and more to be added as part of the "Help!" series

To acquaint you readers who are not familiar with  me let me give a little background.  I am originally from Northern California, where I raised a family. At 39 developed Cancer, obtained a divorced six months later ending a 21 yr marriage to find my life purpose before (as I felt at that time) for whatever time I had left. Four yrs later, left my 24 yr. career as Engineering Office Supervisor with Pacific Bell Telephone Company Sacramento CA, to pursue a career as an Intuitive Psychic Consultant.  Five years ago my 2nd husband Larry and I moved to Tucson AZ.

Just this past week I joined . I have just submitted my first two (listed on Amazon) published books to CreateSpace, to be scanned after several editing changes and issued new ISBN numbers for "Editions 2". Adding these two books to Kindle has been idea I've wanted for some months and re-issuing these two books will open up more purchase opportunities for the public. I have three books underway. Two complete course materials offered on my web site that will be PDF'd and added to Amazon's list of offered materials. I have read volumes recently about the benefits of offering eBooks, Kindle and regular old-fashioned paper books. We can all see the direction "reading" is going, and this week I've joined the new direction of on-demand and downloadable books.

My course materials will be eventually offered on Kindle and the CD/DVD's offered in the Music Section of CreateSpace. All to be print-on-demand and never do I have to again, "Shipped to Amazon" to be forwarded to a Customer issues. What a great idea!

Well this afternoon I'll be downloading the newest version of "Word", newest program on PDF Conversion and then downloading a program on "Chicago/Apa Editing" to compliment my efforts in writing the next three books.

To find out more about me or if curious who this "wordy" lady is, please go to:

Until the next Blog,
Live with Enthusiasm,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello Everyone! Our first Blog....

Hello Everyone this is the first of Blogs that I will detailing the many sessions and interesting situations involving Ghosts, Spirit Visits, Death and the Mysters of the Afterlife, plus the many love relationship issues that you bring to me to discuss during the radio shows, sessions or e-mails.  Please enjoy.