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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Love Affair that Spanned Lifetimes

He laid on the gurney, young dark haired man. 20ish and fresh faced, he barely looked over 14. The two young nurses barely out of their teens both fall in love with him. He was tall and would use each girl to lean on as he learned to steady himself and walk on crippled legs. The war was harsh, medical treatment in 1917 on a battle field was swift and merciless but saved his life.

The call came out that a new wave of patients were coming. One of the girls volunteers to go help load the patients into the wooden wagons.

She never came back.

The surviving nurse and the young man eventually marry and they forget the other nurse.

Paula was born in the 1950’s and in her 40’s experienced her first psychic reading. The Medium turns to her and asks, “Who is Liz?”

Paula replies she is not aware of anyone in spirit with the name of Liz or Elizabeth.

The Medium then says, “She wants to say Hi.”

At the time of this reading, Paula and I had been friends for a few years, she told me all about the session and that the Medium talked about a “Liz”.

Paula had recently divorced and looked forward to dating again. A year later she met a new man and started a relationship.

After they had gone on a few dates, he mentioned that he was a widow, and that his deceased wife’s name was “Liz”.

Confused and anxious she tells me and wants to know why and how this “Liz” would know her and had wanted to say “Hello”.

I suggested a Past-Life Regression. A month later, spring 1999, Paula drove up to my house in Pollock Pines CA for this session.

Anxious but curious, we start.

She sees a white tent, she and her best friend are nurses. The “War to end all Wars” is taking a huge toll of life. The girls have left school in the French country side and volunteered to be nurses on the fringe of the battle fields. Within days of this assignment, they were both given a young patient to tend to. They both fell in love with him. Having taken turns picking up wounded men, it was Paula’s turn to go to the field. She remembers lifting the arm of a young soldier when everything went black.

She pauses and seems confused and frustrated that she is not with the young soldier whom she loves. Her voice quickens and she says, “My friend will love the man.”

In this in- between life place, I asked her if she recognized any of those people in this current lifetime. She quickly replied, “My new boyfriend is that young soldier and it is now my turn to love him. In this lifetime, his first wife was my best friend from the battlefield. Elizabeth was her name then, and they have finished a contract now.”

I did record that session and we talked about it in length. We realized that it is now her turn to love the young soldier in this lifetime. Her friend Elizabeth came during a session with a Medium, to bring forth a hidden memory of a lifetime they had shared together.

This silent trigger had to be given for Paula to want to investigate and resolve the mystery of “who is Liz?”

Yep, Paula did marry her new boyfriend; it was her time to love him.

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