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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grieving The Death of Her Cat

This is a followup to an earlier Blog asking about the outcome of her sick cat.  This Bog addresses the subsequent death of this pet.

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> Dear Nancy,
You were spot on-it's less than 2 months since the vet gave her prognosis.
Even as I'm writing to you now I feel that this house is empty; my family
members and I would always look for her when we're home and 'play' with
her. But now, the house is reeally empty; you won't find her hiding
somewhere in a corner.

She passed away Saturday 23rd April around 3.30pm. The funny thing is, the
day before (Friday) I suddenly felt very worried about her, more worried
than usual. I even told my boyfriend Jeffrey.
Then on Saturday itself, I was meeting Kenny (around 1pm) for a 1-nite
'vacation' in a local hotel, but I felt loathe to leave home. I just felt
very heavy hearted, like I wanted to stay with my loved ones at home.
So I wasn't at home when it started happening but my parents called to say
around 3pm that she seemed to be dying. I rushed home and was very
thankful I managed to see and try comfort her while she was still alive.
All of us are very grateful we managed to be with her in her last
I'll never forget the horrible way she went-in fits and spasms. Her body
was jerking and she was soo tired and in pain my poor cat. Why did she
have to go in pain??
I've read that when living creatures 'go' or are 'going' it's supposed to
be quite painless, their souls leave their body and they don't feel their
physical body anymore. But I'm wondering..

Nancy, I wanted to ask how my darling felt in her last moments but I'm
almost afraid to know. Could you let me know where she is now and how/what
she is doing? Does she have anything to tell us or any last wishes?
And if you could, please 'tell' her that we love and miss her sooo much.

Thank you Nancy.

MY REPLY:  April 24th 
So sorry for your loss.
You did not say if the cat was in a coma at the end or not.  Clearly the spirit separating from the body can be difficult to witness.  On a couple different deaths I was shown the spirit seems to leave the body and witness what is happening.
One was a woman who was being beaten to death, her sister pulled her soul from her body so not to feel the event.  Second example, a man in a coma was standing next to his bed watching the family say hello and then a goodbye.
I have to assume that all "death" events may not even have the soul in the

In accidents or military events, I have observed the death is so fast that the soul is pushed out of the body very quickly and does not linger.  The soul will often watch the body as it is "collected" and sent to hospital.
Because you were there for her passing, my sense is that she was on
someone's lap.  Where you on the ground, sitting with your legs under you?

If so, she was sitting on you.  She was concerned with the "fuss" and looked at her body with curiosity.
Spirit people say they are disconnected from the flesh upon leaving and seem
not interested.  So I can only assume the same for pets or any animal of the fields.
Now that she is in spirit, keep her toys around for a while longer.

She has a human personality not a cat personality.  You raised her as part of your human family, not cat family.  She will stay around you for a while.
Put some dry food in a her dish to have a place for her to go to and be part of the family.  She may not know she is dead for some time.

Don't let people tell you to "get over her" until you are ready.  Pets can sense our feelings and will stay while you need them.  I sense they will wonder around and when they figure they can walk through walls, curiosity will lead them further from home base and you will feel them less and less.
Grieving for our pets can and is as painful as losing a close family member.  We put our emotions and feelings to even a greater degree than even to family and friends.  Enjoy your good memories of her, as you would want others to remember of you.

Your emotions now and how you treat her "things" will remind her of your love for her.
Take care dear "Z" and sleep peacefully now, as your precious kitty is no longer suffering.