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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

How many times has something come together so amazingly that you question if it happened that way or not. Ever decide to go one way and then got an impulse to go the opposite way?

For the last couple of weeks I have been aiming my errands in the direction of our local Home Depot. After moving into our current home we purchased a door bell that you plug into the hall way to be better heard from center of the house. During the past year, my husband and I would hear the bell go off and realized that no one would be at the door.

Just a month ago, the couple next door put their house on the market to sell. And my goodness the doorbell rang so much more! I connected the bell ringing to the visual of a couple being shown the house for purchase. Goodness we had purchased the same door bell and ring frequency! I needed to talk to Home Depot staff people on how to re-program my front door bell.

I have had a few opportunities to cross town and go to Home Depot, yet when at that point of driving over there something would come up and stop me.

Today I DROVE over there and walked into the store! Determined and tired of hearing that doorbell go off! I walked up and down the rows and could not find the doorbell isle. A little frustrated I circled around looking for someone with the Home Depot badge. In the middle section of store I see a man talking to a customer. Waiting patiently until they were done talking he turned my way and I asked for a direction. I felt once I found the doorbells I would make a decision to either buy another one or see if there were instructions on back of a package to see if changing the frequency was possible.

I told “Dave”, he had a name badge, what my issue was and he said he had no problem showing me the section.

As were walking a 40’ish taller blond lady waved and said hello. She twirled around and raced back toward me. I clearly was distracted, and did not pay attention to looking at her as I was concentrating on doorbells!

She grabbed Dave’s arms and almost yelling said, “Dave this is Nancy the one I told you about! She is the one that can help you.”

Ok, now think about this…on what day did both of these people work? That I would pick the one staff employee who had been told about me by a client I’d assisted about 5 months earlier?

And then to add, that she would be on her way to the ladies room from her Customer Help Desk in the front of the store, and just happen to encounter me talking to the one person she shared her experience talking to spirit people.

Now tell me, do you believe in Synchronicity? Or, should we believe that spirit people “know” the future and they are the ones who create synchronicity to facilitate the heavenly outcome that was always meant to be?

What do you believe is the true nature of Synchronicity?