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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unknowingly Predicted Two Deaths

Here it is fall of 2010 and our first Tucson Psychic Fair since last spring. Our turnout was great with more people working the fair and a greater number of people visiting us.

As usual, getting ready for an event of any kind is time consuming and I need to be careful not to forget products, tapes, recorder, flyers, etc. Of course after 20 years of doing events, every once in a while, I wonder how many I will do before it becomes too much work.

Until I get to the event and unpack and start saying hello to everyone, only then I feel relaxed and excited to have the day begin. Over the years, many good events and a few not so good, always I am very grateful to have spirit kind bring those people to me who can hear my words my way to facilitate their personal journey. If I were to worry that I’ve have a few clients and watch others who have many, puts my Ego in front of Divine direction. I cannot give help to those who cannot hear my words.

Over the years, I’ve received many ‘thank you’ notes and on my web site I do have a page for just ‘Testimonials’. Yet, I personally struggle with the Free Will idea; or, do we have a written story for our lives and life is already pre-designed? Free Will vs. Destiny how and why does that choice or decision exists for us? Do we live just in each second of life, making each moment truly just our own thought and choice? Over the years, I have seen the yet to be born to a grandmother, a move for a couple describing their dream retirement home or to a budding actress her secret wish to be famous. Having an Engineering background, I strive to interpret the future as carefully as I can. To think I have the power to predict a non-fallible future is wrong and I cannot think I am that important. The information I receive of a future event, needs to be embraced by the client to help the future to happen if desired; and if not so, whatever free will we do have to re-shape their future to suit their life needs.

What if a predicted future event is not your choice or within your control? Does the Divine Universe, work through us to soften the blow of an event not desired? Is it possible that certain events may be not emotionally survivable for some people unless forewarned? That statement is so huge that if we could have prepared would we want to know?

I will not forget the grandmother who came to visit me in 1992, very stately and proper lady. She brought her close friend to keep her company while she sat with me for a session. Her concern was masked with other ‘ordinary concerns’ about her life and that of her business. While we were talking, she casually asked about a 15 months old granddaughter who seemed to be struggling with her health. She low-keyed asking about the outcome of her illness. In my mind I was show the 2nd week in February 1993, assuming a positive outcome I said that a turning point would occur (I told her that date) and that I hoped for the best for her.

This graceful lady took in her breath and finished her time with me and left. At the end of February she called and asked to visit me. She told me that she was braced for the worse as the doctors had predicted. Knowing that the end of this child’s life was soon as the doctors would not and could not guarantee a survival for this child. So this lady left knowing that the week given to her was of a negative and not a positive outcome. She came to tell me that this time to prepare was good for her to see and understand that a date was already seen and could not be changed at least not by her. This precious granddaughter passed the 2nd week of February 1993. This was told to me with grace and a ‘Thank you’. Not one I was expecting, and up to a short time after I moved to Tucson from Sacramento “Carol” had been a continual client. She also sought out my ‘opinion’ to how her mother was doing and the length of her ‘illness’ and then after ‘Mother’ passed how she was doing with her family on the other side.

Now to tell you the story that prompted me to write this blog. The below dialog was told to my husband after my lecture, at the September 26th Psychic Fair in Tucson. A woman walked up to him and told him about her session that I gave her at the last psychic fair held in late spring.

Evidently, I had an opportunity to talk to a woman about her life, ranch and casually mentioned an up-coming trip. I vaguely remember this woman, perhaps she was the lady that had the light-brown hair and wearing the light-leather jacket.

We discussed her business and I spontaneously told her of an upcoming trip. Where she would fly and have a ‘brown suitcase’ of significant importance. Very strange for me to say, “For some reason the brown suitcase was important.” She got a little excited and stated that she would not go on any trip, especially one at this time that she was not planning. I was surprised at her resistance and she stated she had too many horses and dogs on this ranch to leave to do any traveling.

I vaguely remember thinking why did I bring this up, since she did not ask about any travel plans.

August 31st there was an unfortunate Crane accident in Oklahoma, one man was killed and another man injured when something fell from the crane hitting them both. The man who died from his injuries was part of this woman’s immediate family.

Grieving family and the stress of taking care of details this woman made immediately plans to travel to Oklahoma.

Taking care of the plane ticket, her man friend came to see her and after explaining what had occurred she started fretting that she had no luggage for the trip. It just so happened that this man had in his truck a suitcase and offered it to her for her trip. Gladly accepting, he went out to his vehicle and came in with a ‘brown suitcase’.

At that moment, the woman recalled my prediction and, “Oh my God! The trip!” came immediately into her mind. To further this prediction and the "importance of this suitcase," that while at the airport both wheels came off this large suitcase and she ended up dragging that suitcase all over the airports.

Why and how did I pick up this trip? Clearly on her time-line I probably picked up this ‘emotional’ incident, but why did I feel the immediate need to tell her of this trip? I believe that the universe ‘made’ me see this, her spirit people directed her to talk to me. She could have chosen anyone else at this event, but she chose me and I told her of this ‘trip’. The bottom line is that this ‘death’ was divinely programmed to happen; she emotionally was able to deal with this event and the crisis of her suffering family.

She finished telling this story to my husband and that she offered to write this up for my "Testimonials".
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