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Friday, January 14, 2011

“Is My Dad Here?” Elois’ NDE

Sitting down for a noon dinner with our friends.

This is one of those dinners, where the dinner is an excuse to sit with friends and share stories. Elois has known me since the late 1990’s. She owned an old Pub in “Old Roseville CA” she came to visit with me to discuss some decisions whether to keep the pub and to date a new man in her life.

Elois and her new man “Tim” did eventually marry, she sold her Pub and they bought a RV to travel around the country.

Around four years of traveling her Lupus flared up, after consulting her doctors she needed to sell the motor home and purchase a home to settle down. She picked Surprise AZ, a subdivision near major hospitals and medical care.

After settling, in Elois was given strong medicine to assist her tolerating Lupus. There were paintful side effects, she was suffering water retention and fluid in her lungs.

Elois awakens one night with severe pressure on her chest and labored breathing. She slips out of bed, goes to the front room and sits on the coach. Sitting makes her breathing easier, she tries to calm down. Heaviness building on her chest, her breathing is difficult. She awakens her husband and says she needs to go to the hospital.

Getting to the hospital, waiting room is filled. Though no visible open wounds and bleeding, just labored breathing, the staff evaluate that there are more serious ‘walk-ins’ to be treated first. Four hours later Elois asks that her husband to talk to staff. The staff dismisses the husband’s urgency and suggests they wait until the next day when she could see her regular doctor.

She tells her husband to take her home to die.

As he helps her into the car, she stops breathing.

He runs urgently into the emergency room yelling, “My wife is dying!”

The doctors ‘on call’ rush Elois into the treatment room, she is dying.

Tim rushes around to hold her hand, the doctors saying the labored breathing was caused by fluid in the lungs causing lung failure.

And then, panic in the OR. Tim is pushed back a little as the mayhem continues. As the machines show no heart beat the noises of the machines escalate.

Elois’ last thoughts were of reaching for Tim and saying Good Bye. She reached for him with her left arm, and suddenly she was looking down on a room of people hovering around a body on the table “below”.

Bewildered, she was delighted that she was without pain. She was not sensing ‘breathing’ but she felt great. Recognizing Tim below and the startling fact that the ‘body’ was her on the table she came to the conclusion perhaps she was dead. A feeling of sadness overcame her that she was leaving Tim her husband. A curious thought came into her head, she wondered what was next.

Looking away from the group of people below, she realized she had floated to what would have been the ceiling level of the room. She did not see any ceiling or walls. There was a graying mists surrounding her and what she thought blocking her from seeing the perimeter of the room. Almost without blinking human forms appeared. She could not tell men from women, though she could see non-descript arms and legs. The entire, group as she glanced around, were around 30 people. Such a large group of people she thought, and how odd they all seem very happy and they were waving at her.

I asked her about this, what was she sensing from this waving? Where they saying hello or good bye? “No, just happy” she said. She quickly decided she wanted to stay, especially since it appeared she was dead. She assumed this was, naturally, the next step. As soon as this thought came into her mind a thought, “You cannot stay” came just as quickly.

Sadness, she replied, “Why?” The thought came to her that she had much more life yet to experience, and that she needed to go back to her husband.

Looking down she realized she wanted to go back to her husband, Tim.

“Just one thing, before I go back, is my father here?” She asked. In the direction of the entrance door to this OR room, several shadows back from the front row of these spirit people an arm lifted up and waved to her.

“Just an arm” I said?

“It is all I needed” she replied. “It was his arm, with the hand and shirt sleeve I would recognize.”

“At that moment I realized I was in such pain! I was back into my body.”

Not knowing how long she was out of her body or what had happened, she managed to turn her head and look at Tim.

Later in recovery, she told Tim in her last moments before “dying” she had wanted to touch Tim one last time. “Did you see that I was reaching for you to hold my hand?” she asked.

Time replied that she had made no such gesture. Amazed because she clearly remember the gesture and seeing her arm reach for Tim. Now she realized that it was her “spirit arm”.

Tim told her of the drama in the OR room, how she had coded.

This incident was the first of two ‘events’ for Elois. The second ‘dying moment’ did not include such a detailed NDE. She often wonders why, but perhaps the first was to let her know that she needed to stay and experience more life with Tim.

Tim commented at our noon dinner, that Elois is always happy and laughs a lot. There is no fear of death, but an increase to be appreciative of life.

There will be several more amazing “Elois” stories coming, please check back to this blog to read about her Angel Visitations!