Are You Dating Again?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dating Disasters

Ladies, this is the official kick-off for my book on "Are You Dating Again?" Especially for the mid-life to later single lady searching for love and companionship.

I plan on having most of this book as blogs. To see the complete e-book series, the web site is

Dating Disasters

A charming lady, beautiful, successful, looking for love and always suffering a broken heart. Love comes and her partner’s actions destroy her perceived happiness. How do we recover? How do we not be afraid of the next partner, worried and waiting for the next disaster to strike?

Sounds like the above lady should give up dating. Crazy as it seems, we are hard-wired to seek out a mate, have offspring and fight for survival.

I get it, we get born, live, flourish and then give up the ghost.

Even a little humor cannot deter that we must live, flourish and survive dating and finding someone we can trust. In the days of the “Cave Man Era”, finding a mate was paramount to survival for a woman and offspring. This notion has not changed!

Over years of helping both men and women seek and identify their special life partner, it is clear that one must prioritize who they are as a person. What their true life direction is, to select the correct life partner.

In subsequent articles I will break down the how and how not to select, date and then succeed in a relationship. This will be funny at times and at other times uncomfortable; but to be successful, we must stretch and bend our thinking processes to learn about our potential partner and be very clear how “They will enhance our Life”. That is the truth to a successful relationship, to know oneself and be clear to who and what our path in life is and to bring a partner to balance and enhance our journey.