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Monday, January 17, 2011

Desperate Times Searching for Spiritual Help

“Please Help Me!”

Hi Nancy,

Financial problems here are not improving, so I'm trying to sell what little I shipped here on Ebay. Stuff may not even sell at give-away prices. When one prays to the universe or a god, or uses witchcraft spells, do people use those ways to bring money to them successful? I am under the impression that to bring something into your life, like more money, requires keeping that thought foremost in your consciousness, like chanting.

I have had much trouble fighting depression and negative thoughts. Do you think if I chant and pray constantly "Abundance of money come to me" that it will have any effect besides temporarily displacing the negative thoughts?

I asked you recently about your using astral projection with time travel to get lottery numbers. Do you have a spirit guide who is not stuck in our time frame? Can you ask that spirit for lottery numbers? Or will that spirit refuse to do such a thing? I tried connecting with my guide and NONE of the numbers I got showed up as a winner. Is it a matter of that they can't do it or won't do it? All of these self-help gurus claim you just have to keep what you want in the forefront of your thoughts. Is that all bullshit?

Is there really such a thing as luck? I don't know what to believe in anymore. What do you believe in?

Love, Janet

My Reply….

Just Wednesday I bought my first Mega Lotto ticket, my first one in a long time. I always figured I had just too much competition to win. Yet, someone has to. Just this past week a couple in a mature age group and a younger woman split 355 million - someone had to win.

Clearly, hoping and wanting to win just to clear up financial is not enough. I talked with a friend and we talked about visualization, creating a vision of you in a situation after 'winning'. I asked my husband to tell me what he would do, "Pay off bills". I replied, "Then you may not win." The reason is that he has a non-visional event. Talking again, I asked what he would do if he won, “Take a real vacation that would be more than 3-5 days, perhaps two weeks!” Then I said for him to visualize feeling himself sitting on his favorite beach.

I'd like to think our spirit people are always around and helping us in our life progress. I clearly do not receive lotto numbers. Do I block getting these numbers or that spirit is not allowed to give them? Cosmic rules? Wish I had answers to those questions. Wouldn’t I be popular if I could come up with winning numbers!

Then do we want to believe that the universe is assisting us, in directing us to that which we choose before birth?

Perhaps as a soul you choose this life to experience the trials you are going through? Perhaps how easy you can emotionally survive these obstacles.

No, I am not disappointed with our spirit friends for not helping all of us out in these regression times. Like you, I had to get creative with promoting my business.

I think you are amazing, what a change in your lives. How you sacrificed your “retirement treasures” on eBay.

Last night on a BlogTalkRadio Show I was a guest, someone asked me about life and how hard it has been, why something was happening. I replied that I wished I had all the answers, that a possible explanation living past lives is a very real possibility. If that is so, then we “choose” each life time? That the struggles are what we are wanting to experience? To experience, then what, I guess to see how we handle each situation and “feel” all the emotions involved? This is so hard to understand, let alone believe. My father was killed when I was only six, my sister Bonnie was only five, and he was only 33 years old. That is a hard bill to swallow if we choose our lives.

I do believe that what we have of limited free will is to choose to look at adversity with calmness or anxiety.

I told a client, who had passed the 99 week limit on unemployment, what else are you doing today, tonight or weekends to find a job? This individual just did not work hard enough when money safe, but waited until the last couple of months to put forth the true effort to find a job.

Does this make your trials easier, not necessarily, did I give you the “fix” no. You clearly had put forth amazing amount of effort to find work even to move across the United States.

I have a friend who moved out of a marriage and moved into a small trailer owned by her parents. Lived as cheaply as possible until her savings grew, she recently admitted to me that this was the best and easiest she had lived since high school.

As you’ve read I did not give you instant fixes.

Recovery from “loss and grief” will take as long as you were in the “suffering mode”. Keep this in mind as realistic for complete mental recovery. Many clients I have talked to were told they had the same emotional symptoms as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. You have had one “adrenal rush” after another as a soldier fighting for his life on a battle field. After a while the “adrenal rushes” weaken us, causing constant fear wondering when the next event will happen. When you are emotionally “fried” even forgetting the smallest chore will sent off an unhealthy adrenal rush.

The key to surviving your economic crisis until life turns around is to calm down your nervous system and your mind; allowing you to think through situations to decisions necessary for economic and emotional recovery.

The first step to calming down is to take three controlled breaths; thinking of taking a breath in, counting to ten and then letting this breath out. Repeat this process three times. You cannot do a thoughtful controlled breath and think at the same time. I’d recommend using this whenever you start feeling an adrenal rush starting.

When calm enough to meditate, ask your spirit family to gentle nudge you to a better economic situation for “your higher and greater good” to learn your chosen life lessons. At that point “surrender” to the universe that this new direction is shown to you.

The last step is to trust and surrender, then “watch for signs” of your spirit family nudging you back on tract. Now you’ve learned to watch for “signs” you will also be more alert for any new opportunity that is supposed to be on your direct path for money making.

That my friend, though not easy, is the first steps to getting back on track to an emotional and economically healthy life.

Janet please practice these steps and hopefully some answers will come swiftly, or watch as one step leads then to another. I personally have noticed after an unexpected chain of events ending to a request made many months earlier.

Please keep in touch my friend,