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Friday, October 2, 2020

Time: Speading up or slowing down and can we control how we react to time?

As we grow older, comments come up, "Is my Birthday coming already?" or "Christmas is when?".  I found myself watching an 'old movie' a few days ago and enjoying it I realized it was produced 40 years ago!!!  Time has gone so fast!  To save face I won't tell you when so not to embarrass myself giving away my age!  

Still I am accurately aware of aging but glad I am doing so.  Many of you are aware that I've had several serious illnesses and at those times I noted that 'time' slowed down, and the dealing and healing dragged on.  

Ask a child what he/she would like for a Birthday or a Holiday gift and they will spill out many great ideas.  Then the child will ask relatives again and again when is his/her Birthday or Holiday?  The concept of 'time' passing is too hard to comprehend when to an eight year old that particular gift giving time is an 8th of their life!

Study for a job interview or a Driver's License test, time slows down, but after a great success the days fly by and you remember that day and it has been weeks.

My mother passed in 2009, time seemed to move quickly and a couple of years later I said to family, "how long has it been she passed?"  Yet now, 10 years plus, time is slowing down as I reflect back and miss her, trying to capture old memories and trying to hear her voice again in my head.  

Time is cruel - it is always moving forward and living life with the passage of time, we gain wisdom and experience; looking back on situations with hindsight we wish we could revisit and reverse an inexperienced 'goof' to a more rewarding situation.  

Time is the subject for this article, we move through life so fast and at the end we look back and 'wish we had'.

As a counselor for over 30 years doing this work, the most asked question is, "what is in the future for me?"

Trying to live faster than time is moving to get to a result already seen 'by Nancy'.

So are we living today or in a future event?

Once many decades back I was in a car accident.  I was more a witness than the victim of this accident I knew was to be; time slowed down and to watch (and knew) this on-coming vehicle was to hit me and my passengers.  I felt that I was aware and in control of this slowed-down process.  

As the on-coming vehicle hit the cement divider flipped into the air and landed on the hood of the engineer just missing the front glass window.  

After the police arrived they asked me (as I was the driver), "How did you know how to turn the steering wheel?  Any other action and you have turned into the other vehicle instead of away from it."

I was not sure what happened for me to be able to control those moments, but after that incident I was curious and for decades quizzed over that accident and how I avoided a more severe event.  

I believe that living in the 'moment' is difficult for all of us.  To be fully awake and keen on each minute takes concentration. 

To be aware of the minutes we live and slow down to take charge, to be able to do this actually gives us more time to each minute we live.  

I also discovered that when I've done this purposely, I seem to remember those events more clearly and can recall more details.  The accident I spoke of I've not forgotten any detail to this day.

I believe this has happened to all of us at one-time-or another.  For you to experience this phenomenon again, recall when this happened in the past and feel how you experienced this action. 

You'll discover you were in a super-focus moment.  To train yourself to do this again, pick an activity that you enjoy.  While working, playing or creating in this hobby or activity, focus and pull all your vision and attention to that activity.  Become all consuming, you'll find that time slows down and the surrounding room (or location) becomes a blur or you become blind to it.

Perhaps those precious moments with family, situations of love, joy or achievement can be stretched out to intimately remember every detail and be yours for a lifetime.




Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did an Angel save me?

Today is a cooler-winter day, staying in my office rearranging space to set up a second computer just for typing my books. This is a very cool, rebuilt inexpensive computer for straight typing. I explained to someone that it is like giving a hug to an old family grandma, very comfy and dependable.
In the background I had on some of my favorite recorded TV shows to have on while working. I really don’t focus as much as half listen and when I hear a spiritual word then I’d put my attention to watching.
The show I had on in the background was “Ghostly Encounters” and the segment I was listening to was about a young woman who was on a quest to find her destiny. She and a few friends planned a cross-country trip and with the destination being California. Into the last segment, there was a very close call hitting a guard rail and almost going over the edge. After the close call the young woman found herself standing next to the rail with a glowing white light all around her, which the other men did not see and she explained how she believed she had an “angelic” encounter.
So here I am sitting at my new typing station listening to how this woman came close to a terrible accident and realized my own close call and the same situation that happened to me.
January 1996 I purchased a house in Pollock Pines off Highway 50, elevation high enough to have blinding winter storms and snows. One of my favorite homes I have lived in, with hard wood floors, patio overlooking the property into a forest.
I wrote my first book in 1994, “Two Worlds: Discovering Your Psychic Skills” and in the late-1990’s I was still actively promoting this book at Barnes & Noble Bookstores.
Looking forward to a book signing on an upcoming weekend and with a storm coming in, I opt to purchase for the first time “studded” tires for my Geo Storm vehicle. I had never purchased this type of tire and went to a trusted tire store in Placerville down the hill from where I lived.
Friday evening three days later, after finishing my book signing at Barnes & Noble, leaving the store the raining had just started coming down.
Closer I got to Shingle Springs the progressively heavier rain lightened up to the softest fresh snow. Thinking I was “OK”, I took a long breath and said to myself, “Safe now.”
For those of you who enjoy looking at Google Maps, I drove past Placerville to the direction of “Apple Cafe" night concerns for darting wild life and to miss slower moving vehicles is propriety, and takes full concentration.
On this faithful night, after having talked for hours and giving psychic information to the crowd, I was now leaving in the dark and somewhat tired. After a two hours’ drive just past Placerville and yet another 1 hour to go, weather I thought was better, I sped up to night driving speed limit.
As I came around one of those steep uphill curves on Highway 50, I entered a “white out”!
Puzzled at first, wondering how long this white fog would be on the ground. I immediately slowed down, looking behind me for any headlights of someone following me too close, thank goodness I did not see anyone. Another fear would be to hit someone who had stopped long before I entered the white out. My greatest fear was hitting the edge of the freeway and going over a cliff.
My mind raced to where I was and how far up the incline I had driven. I remember feeling very alone, the inside of the car so dark and outside “nothing to be seen”. I felt like I had driven into a white void, slowing down quickly I glanced around to see any other lights to get my bearings. Nothing. Trying to keep calm, fear was whelming up inside of me, quickly realizing that there were cliffs all along this stretch of freeway. If I were to go over any freeway cement border, I may not be found until family missed me which could be days from this evening.
I searched for my cell phone and touching the passenger seat it was next to me. As I put my hand back on the steering wheel, I had an odd sensation. I could hear nothing! The sound my car engine disappeared, I could not feel the freeway pavement under my tires…
I was thinking that time had slowed down considerably. What I should do now, how to drive, which way should I turn my wheel?
I felt this amazing “thump” no sound, just the “thump”.
I was scared.
In a split second, I felt fear leap within me, my mind raced wondering what was to happen next.
I gripped tightly onto the steering wheel.
In my head, I heard “let go”.
Well I did not let go! But, I loosened my grip.
The front right wheel had just hit “something” the steering wheel jerked to the left. My car lifted, jumped up and dipped to the left into the direction of the steering wheel turn. Within what I thought was 100 feet the snow fog disappeared.
I don’t remember the drive to my home.
As I got to my house, I became anxious and upset. I don’t remember how much sleep or that I slept only after a long-thought recall of the “incident”.
The next day I hurried down to Placerville, turned around and tried to find the place where the “incident’ happened. I remember the area afterward, as the sky had cleared up. I quickly turned around as soon as the opportunity gave me, and watched the edge of the road to see if I could see any marks on the edging.
Noting that only where a car tire could have a “thump” was an edging of about 6 inches, the other side a very steep downward slide to the canyon below. Some trees, I also realized that with all the snow that later fell during the night my car would have been buried for a very long time until the top of my blue car could have been seen.
Again, I turned around down the hill and back to the same area to visually recap what this area looked like. Where the mountain had been cut away for the highway there was a “rise” in the dirt and if I had hit that the headlight and motor would had impacted fiercely.
I drove up the hill to the Apple Café and parked my car. I was stunned.
I turned around again and drove back down to that trusted tire shop. I talked to the “man” who put those tires on. He showed me where the tire had hit the 6 inch cement railing, commenting that there was a grove made but just on the outside of tire studs. And how lucky to have those tires put on my front end drive wheels.
He turned around, looking at me he remarked, “There must have been someone watching out for you.”
No, you do not forget such an incident. After moving away to a new home in the valley, I watched a TV show on unexplained mysteries. The story was of a young mother and son who had been in an accident in this area of Highway 50 many years earlier. The TV show told of how she had died and the young son who would not leave his dead mother.
The TV show recounted how a couple of days after they disappeared, this woman’s family had put out an extensive search for her. Local TV news spots showing this woman’s picture, in case someone had seen her to notify the police. A couple driving along this stretch of highway saw a naked woman lying next to the asphalt. Calling the police they found the young woman’s car, she had been dead for days and the young boy was barely holding on. In this TV show the son now later in his teens, contributes his survival on his mother’s soul leaving her body to find someone to rescue him.
I don’t know how many years exactly this accident had happened, though I know it was on the same stretch of highway that my near accident happened. I’ve always wondered if she was my “angel watching over me”.  And I'd like to say now in print if it was she, "Thank you."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grieving The Death of Her Cat

This is a followup to an earlier Blog asking about the outcome of her sick cat.  This Bog addresses the subsequent death of this pet.

----- Original Message -----

From: "Z" <###>
To: "Nancy Matz"
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2011 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: from Nancy

> Dear Nancy,
You were spot on-it's less than 2 months since the vet gave her prognosis.
Even as I'm writing to you now I feel that this house is empty; my family
members and I would always look for her when we're home and 'play' with
her. But now, the house is reeally empty; you won't find her hiding
somewhere in a corner.

She passed away Saturday 23rd April around 3.30pm. The funny thing is, the
day before (Friday) I suddenly felt very worried about her, more worried
than usual. I even told my boyfriend Jeffrey.
Then on Saturday itself, I was meeting Kenny (around 1pm) for a 1-nite
'vacation' in a local hotel, but I felt loathe to leave home. I just felt
very heavy hearted, like I wanted to stay with my loved ones at home.
So I wasn't at home when it started happening but my parents called to say
around 3pm that she seemed to be dying. I rushed home and was very
thankful I managed to see and try comfort her while she was still alive.
All of us are very grateful we managed to be with her in her last
I'll never forget the horrible way she went-in fits and spasms. Her body
was jerking and she was soo tired and in pain my poor cat. Why did she
have to go in pain??
I've read that when living creatures 'go' or are 'going' it's supposed to
be quite painless, their souls leave their body and they don't feel their
physical body anymore. But I'm wondering..

Nancy, I wanted to ask how my darling felt in her last moments but I'm
almost afraid to know. Could you let me know where she is now and how/what
she is doing? Does she have anything to tell us or any last wishes?
And if you could, please 'tell' her that we love and miss her sooo much.

Thank you Nancy.

MY REPLY:  April 24th 
So sorry for your loss.
You did not say if the cat was in a coma at the end or not.  Clearly the spirit separating from the body can be difficult to witness.  On a couple different deaths I was shown the spirit seems to leave the body and witness what is happening.
One was a woman who was being beaten to death, her sister pulled her soul from her body so not to feel the event.  Second example, a man in a coma was standing next to his bed watching the family say hello and then a goodbye.
I have to assume that all "death" events may not even have the soul in the

In accidents or military events, I have observed the death is so fast that the soul is pushed out of the body very quickly and does not linger.  The soul will often watch the body as it is "collected" and sent to hospital.
Because you were there for her passing, my sense is that she was on
someone's lap.  Where you on the ground, sitting with your legs under you?

If so, she was sitting on you.  She was concerned with the "fuss" and looked at her body with curiosity.
Spirit people say they are disconnected from the flesh upon leaving and seem
not interested.  So I can only assume the same for pets or any animal of the fields.
Now that she is in spirit, keep her toys around for a while longer.

She has a human personality not a cat personality.  You raised her as part of your human family, not cat family.  She will stay around you for a while.
Put some dry food in a her dish to have a place for her to go to and be part of the family.  She may not know she is dead for some time.

Don't let people tell you to "get over her" until you are ready.  Pets can sense our feelings and will stay while you need them.  I sense they will wonder around and when they figure they can walk through walls, curiosity will lead them further from home base and you will feel them less and less.
Grieving for our pets can and is as painful as losing a close family member.  We put our emotions and feelings to even a greater degree than even to family and friends.  Enjoy your good memories of her, as you would want others to remember of you.

Your emotions now and how you treat her "things" will remind her of your love for her.
Take care dear "Z" and sleep peacefully now, as your precious kitty is no longer suffering.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

How many times has something come together so amazingly that you question if it happened that way or not. Ever decide to go one way and then got an impulse to go the opposite way?

For the last couple of weeks I have been aiming my errands in the direction of our local Home Depot. After moving into our current home we purchased a door bell that you plug into the hall way to be better heard from center of the house. During the past year, my husband and I would hear the bell go off and realized that no one would be at the door.

Just a month ago, the couple next door put their house on the market to sell. And my goodness the doorbell rang so much more! I connected the bell ringing to the visual of a couple being shown the house for purchase. Goodness we had purchased the same door bell and ring frequency! I needed to talk to Home Depot staff people on how to re-program my front door bell.

I have had a few opportunities to cross town and go to Home Depot, yet when at that point of driving over there something would come up and stop me.

Today I DROVE over there and walked into the store! Determined and tired of hearing that doorbell go off! I walked up and down the rows and could not find the doorbell isle. A little frustrated I circled around looking for someone with the Home Depot badge. In the middle section of store I see a man talking to a customer. Waiting patiently until they were done talking he turned my way and I asked for a direction. I felt once I found the doorbells I would make a decision to either buy another one or see if there were instructions on back of a package to see if changing the frequency was possible.

I told “Dave”, he had a name badge, what my issue was and he said he had no problem showing me the section.

As were walking a 40’ish taller blond lady waved and said hello. She twirled around and raced back toward me. I clearly was distracted, and did not pay attention to looking at her as I was concentrating on doorbells!

She grabbed Dave’s arms and almost yelling said, “Dave this is Nancy the one I told you about! She is the one that can help you.”

Ok, now think about this…on what day did both of these people work? That I would pick the one staff employee who had been told about me by a client I’d assisted about 5 months earlier?

And then to add, that she would be on her way to the ladies room from her Customer Help Desk in the front of the store, and just happen to encounter me talking to the one person she shared her experience talking to spirit people.

Now tell me, do you believe in Synchronicity? Or, should we believe that spirit people “know” the future and they are the ones who create synchronicity to facilitate the heavenly outcome that was always meant to be?

What do you believe is the true nature of Synchronicity?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

For the Love of Her Cat

This is an e-mail reading from a client in China.   I have been her "psychic" for several years and last week, she wrote asking for a short session on her beloyed sick cat.  My answer to her question is first and then her reply is second. 

Hello Z,

I have seen friends grieve over losing a pet, as losing a family member. There can and is great love for our pets and my heart goes out to you with your forthcoming passing of this cat.

She will become less tolerant of attention as times passes. She wants me to think that she is uncomfortable and perhaps not easy to touch. Allow her to determine how much holding she wants, if in discomfort perhaps she wants to be stroked, not necessarily held in arms. Let her guide you in this.

She is aware something is wrong, yet in her mind I sense she only lives day-to-day mentally, not aware of final day coming. This is clearly a blessing.

Yet, we hear of animals (dogs) running away to crawl to a hiding place to die. This indicates a knowing of some sort, yet I do not know how to explain this.

If she is an indoor cat only and this is an end-day storyline for her, give her a place in the house like a partial open closet or hiding place for a bed. A place she can go when she does not feel good or she can hide when she wants, or as in running away to pass. This seems to be the way with those who share stories of the death of a pet.

I'd like to brace you, though the vets feel it might be six months, I feel sooner.

Like I said earlier, she may show more "leave me alone" attitude, do not feel she loves you less. The only way I can sense this, is a sharper change in personality coming.

I do have a sense from her of wanting to eat, so she shows me something that looks like warm oat meal? Remember when you had your last cold, your body partially shuts down to sleep; this is how I sense your cat.

Let me know when she passes. In this house that we have lived for 13 months, there is a spirit of an older woman (the original owner was a 90ish yr. old woman who passed 4 yrs. later) AND as my husband describes either a small dog but more likely a spirit cat. He says he can feel this cat jumping on the big chair he is sitting. He even had me one night feel the outline of this spirit animal on the headrest of the couch he was sitting. Shocked no, surprised and amazed yes.

After she passes do not be surprised or shocked that she may choose to continue to live with you. If you have a chance to feel her spirit, stroke the outline of her, she will be aware!

Her Reply...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for trying your best to ensure I get your reading.

I too, feel that she'll go quite soon, less than 6 months-maybe 3 or 4.

And yes, I'm already grieving because she'd have been a part of my life for 16 years already this June. It feels cruel to me and my parents to be losing yet another family member(after my sister). We don't want to keep anymore pets after her because we don't think we can go through this pain again.

I am very happy she's not aware her final day is coming; yes, this is a blessing indeed.

I have also heard that yes, animals go to a quiet secret place to die.

We sometimes feed her her special 'kidney disease' diet with water and forcefeed her when she doesn't seem to be eating. The mixture does look like oatmeal.

Can she actually feel our emotions? I'm asking you this because I feel she doesn't like or love me much, when I actually love her lots; just that I'm stern with her sometimes.

She's already a very grouchy cat by nature; I wonder how much grouchier she'll get!

I'll let you know when she passes.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Desperate Times Searching for Spiritual Help

“Please Help Me!”

Hi Nancy,

Financial problems here are not improving, so I'm trying to sell what little I shipped here on Ebay. Stuff may not even sell at give-away prices. When one prays to the universe or a god, or uses witchcraft spells, do people use those ways to bring money to them successful? I am under the impression that to bring something into your life, like more money, requires keeping that thought foremost in your consciousness, like chanting.

I have had much trouble fighting depression and negative thoughts. Do you think if I chant and pray constantly "Abundance of money come to me" that it will have any effect besides temporarily displacing the negative thoughts?

I asked you recently about your using astral projection with time travel to get lottery numbers. Do you have a spirit guide who is not stuck in our time frame? Can you ask that spirit for lottery numbers? Or will that spirit refuse to do such a thing? I tried connecting with my guide and NONE of the numbers I got showed up as a winner. Is it a matter of that they can't do it or won't do it? All of these self-help gurus claim you just have to keep what you want in the forefront of your thoughts. Is that all bullshit?

Is there really such a thing as luck? I don't know what to believe in anymore. What do you believe in?

Love, Janet

My Reply….

Just Wednesday I bought my first Mega Lotto ticket, my first one in a long time. I always figured I had just too much competition to win. Yet, someone has to. Just this past week a couple in a mature age group and a younger woman split 355 million - someone had to win.

Clearly, hoping and wanting to win just to clear up financial is not enough. I talked with a friend and we talked about visualization, creating a vision of you in a situation after 'winning'. I asked my husband to tell me what he would do, "Pay off bills". I replied, "Then you may not win." The reason is that he has a non-visional event. Talking again, I asked what he would do if he won, “Take a real vacation that would be more than 3-5 days, perhaps two weeks!” Then I said for him to visualize feeling himself sitting on his favorite beach.

I'd like to think our spirit people are always around and helping us in our life progress. I clearly do not receive lotto numbers. Do I block getting these numbers or that spirit is not allowed to give them? Cosmic rules? Wish I had answers to those questions. Wouldn’t I be popular if I could come up with winning numbers!

Then do we want to believe that the universe is assisting us, in directing us to that which we choose before birth?

Perhaps as a soul you choose this life to experience the trials you are going through? Perhaps how easy you can emotionally survive these obstacles.

No, I am not disappointed with our spirit friends for not helping all of us out in these regression times. Like you, I had to get creative with promoting my business.

I think you are amazing, what a change in your lives. How you sacrificed your “retirement treasures” on eBay.

Last night on a BlogTalkRadio Show I was a guest, someone asked me about life and how hard it has been, why something was happening. I replied that I wished I had all the answers, that a possible explanation living past lives is a very real possibility. If that is so, then we “choose” each life time? That the struggles are what we are wanting to experience? To experience, then what, I guess to see how we handle each situation and “feel” all the emotions involved? This is so hard to understand, let alone believe. My father was killed when I was only six, my sister Bonnie was only five, and he was only 33 years old. That is a hard bill to swallow if we choose our lives.

I do believe that what we have of limited free will is to choose to look at adversity with calmness or anxiety.

I told a client, who had passed the 99 week limit on unemployment, what else are you doing today, tonight or weekends to find a job? This individual just did not work hard enough when money safe, but waited until the last couple of months to put forth the true effort to find a job.

Does this make your trials easier, not necessarily, did I give you the “fix” no. You clearly had put forth amazing amount of effort to find work even to move across the United States.

I have a friend who moved out of a marriage and moved into a small trailer owned by her parents. Lived as cheaply as possible until her savings grew, she recently admitted to me that this was the best and easiest she had lived since high school.

As you’ve read I did not give you instant fixes.

Recovery from “loss and grief” will take as long as you were in the “suffering mode”. Keep this in mind as realistic for complete mental recovery. Many clients I have talked to were told they had the same emotional symptoms as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. You have had one “adrenal rush” after another as a soldier fighting for his life on a battle field. After a while the “adrenal rushes” weaken us, causing constant fear wondering when the next event will happen. When you are emotionally “fried” even forgetting the smallest chore will sent off an unhealthy adrenal rush.

The key to surviving your economic crisis until life turns around is to calm down your nervous system and your mind; allowing you to think through situations to decisions necessary for economic and emotional recovery.

The first step to calming down is to take three controlled breaths; thinking of taking a breath in, counting to ten and then letting this breath out. Repeat this process three times. You cannot do a thoughtful controlled breath and think at the same time. I’d recommend using this whenever you start feeling an adrenal rush starting.

When calm enough to meditate, ask your spirit family to gentle nudge you to a better economic situation for “your higher and greater good” to learn your chosen life lessons. At that point “surrender” to the universe that this new direction is shown to you.

The last step is to trust and surrender, then “watch for signs” of your spirit family nudging you back on tract. Now you’ve learned to watch for “signs” you will also be more alert for any new opportunity that is supposed to be on your direct path for money making.

That my friend, though not easy, is the first steps to getting back on track to an emotional and economically healthy life.

Janet please practice these steps and hopefully some answers will come swiftly, or watch as one step leads then to another. I personally have noticed after an unexpected chain of events ending to a request made many months earlier.

Please keep in touch my friend,



Friday, January 14, 2011

“Is My Dad Here?” Elois’ NDE

Sitting down for a noon dinner with our friends.

This is one of those dinners, where the dinner is an excuse to sit with friends and share stories. Elois has known me since the late 1990’s. She owned an old Pub in “Old Roseville CA” she came to visit with me to discuss some decisions whether to keep the pub and to date a new man in her life.

Elois and her new man “Tim” did eventually marry, she sold her Pub and they bought a RV to travel around the country.

Around four years of traveling her Lupus flared up, after consulting her doctors she needed to sell the motor home and purchase a home to settle down. She picked Surprise AZ, a subdivision near major hospitals and medical care.

After settling, in Elois was given strong medicine to assist her tolerating Lupus. There were paintful side effects, she was suffering water retention and fluid in her lungs.

Elois awakens one night with severe pressure on her chest and labored breathing. She slips out of bed, goes to the front room and sits on the coach. Sitting makes her breathing easier, she tries to calm down. Heaviness building on her chest, her breathing is difficult. She awakens her husband and says she needs to go to the hospital.

Getting to the hospital, waiting room is filled. Though no visible open wounds and bleeding, just labored breathing, the staff evaluate that there are more serious ‘walk-ins’ to be treated first. Four hours later Elois asks that her husband to talk to staff. The staff dismisses the husband’s urgency and suggests they wait until the next day when she could see her regular doctor.

She tells her husband to take her home to die.

As he helps her into the car, she stops breathing.

He runs urgently into the emergency room yelling, “My wife is dying!”

The doctors ‘on call’ rush Elois into the treatment room, she is dying.

Tim rushes around to hold her hand, the doctors saying the labored breathing was caused by fluid in the lungs causing lung failure.

And then, panic in the OR. Tim is pushed back a little as the mayhem continues. As the machines show no heart beat the noises of the machines escalate.

Elois’ last thoughts were of reaching for Tim and saying Good Bye. She reached for him with her left arm, and suddenly she was looking down on a room of people hovering around a body on the table “below”.

Bewildered, she was delighted that she was without pain. She was not sensing ‘breathing’ but she felt great. Recognizing Tim below and the startling fact that the ‘body’ was her on the table she came to the conclusion perhaps she was dead. A feeling of sadness overcame her that she was leaving Tim her husband. A curious thought came into her head, she wondered what was next.

Looking away from the group of people below, she realized she had floated to what would have been the ceiling level of the room. She did not see any ceiling or walls. There was a graying mists surrounding her and what she thought blocking her from seeing the perimeter of the room. Almost without blinking human forms appeared. She could not tell men from women, though she could see non-descript arms and legs. The entire, group as she glanced around, were around 30 people. Such a large group of people she thought, and how odd they all seem very happy and they were waving at her.

I asked her about this, what was she sensing from this waving? Where they saying hello or good bye? “No, just happy” she said. She quickly decided she wanted to stay, especially since it appeared she was dead. She assumed this was, naturally, the next step. As soon as this thought came into her mind a thought, “You cannot stay” came just as quickly.

Sadness, she replied, “Why?” The thought came to her that she had much more life yet to experience, and that she needed to go back to her husband.

Looking down she realized she wanted to go back to her husband, Tim.

“Just one thing, before I go back, is my father here?” She asked. In the direction of the entrance door to this OR room, several shadows back from the front row of these spirit people an arm lifted up and waved to her.

“Just an arm” I said?

“It is all I needed” she replied. “It was his arm, with the hand and shirt sleeve I would recognize.”

“At that moment I realized I was in such pain! I was back into my body.”

Not knowing how long she was out of her body or what had happened, she managed to turn her head and look at Tim.

Later in recovery, she told Tim in her last moments before “dying” she had wanted to touch Tim one last time. “Did you see that I was reaching for you to hold my hand?” she asked.

Time replied that she had made no such gesture. Amazed because she clearly remember the gesture and seeing her arm reach for Tim. Now she realized that it was her “spirit arm”.

Tim told her of the drama in the OR room, how she had coded.

This incident was the first of two ‘events’ for Elois. The second ‘dying moment’ did not include such a detailed NDE. She often wonders why, but perhaps the first was to let her know that she needed to stay and experience more life with Tim.

Tim commented at our noon dinner, that Elois is always happy and laughs a lot. There is no fear of death, but an increase to be appreciative of life.

There will be several more amazing “Elois” stories coming, please check back to this blog to read about her Angel Visitations!