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Sunday, March 6, 2011

For the Love of Her Cat

This is an e-mail reading from a client in China.   I have been her "psychic" for several years and last week, she wrote asking for a short session on her beloyed sick cat.  My answer to her question is first and then her reply is second. 

Hello Z,

I have seen friends grieve over losing a pet, as losing a family member. There can and is great love for our pets and my heart goes out to you with your forthcoming passing of this cat.

She will become less tolerant of attention as times passes. She wants me to think that she is uncomfortable and perhaps not easy to touch. Allow her to determine how much holding she wants, if in discomfort perhaps she wants to be stroked, not necessarily held in arms. Let her guide you in this.

She is aware something is wrong, yet in her mind I sense she only lives day-to-day mentally, not aware of final day coming. This is clearly a blessing.

Yet, we hear of animals (dogs) running away to crawl to a hiding place to die. This indicates a knowing of some sort, yet I do not know how to explain this.

If she is an indoor cat only and this is an end-day storyline for her, give her a place in the house like a partial open closet or hiding place for a bed. A place she can go when she does not feel good or she can hide when she wants, or as in running away to pass. This seems to be the way with those who share stories of the death of a pet.

I'd like to brace you, though the vets feel it might be six months, I feel sooner.

Like I said earlier, she may show more "leave me alone" attitude, do not feel she loves you less. The only way I can sense this, is a sharper change in personality coming.

I do have a sense from her of wanting to eat, so she shows me something that looks like warm oat meal? Remember when you had your last cold, your body partially shuts down to sleep; this is how I sense your cat.

Let me know when she passes. In this house that we have lived for 13 months, there is a spirit of an older woman (the original owner was a 90ish yr. old woman who passed 4 yrs. later) AND as my husband describes either a small dog but more likely a spirit cat. He says he can feel this cat jumping on the big chair he is sitting. He even had me one night feel the outline of this spirit animal on the headrest of the couch he was sitting. Shocked no, surprised and amazed yes.

After she passes do not be surprised or shocked that she may choose to continue to live with you. If you have a chance to feel her spirit, stroke the outline of her, she will be aware!

Her Reply...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for trying your best to ensure I get your reading.

I too, feel that she'll go quite soon, less than 6 months-maybe 3 or 4.

And yes, I'm already grieving because she'd have been a part of my life for 16 years already this June. It feels cruel to me and my parents to be losing yet another family member(after my sister). We don't want to keep anymore pets after her because we don't think we can go through this pain again.

I am very happy she's not aware her final day is coming; yes, this is a blessing indeed.

I have also heard that yes, animals go to a quiet secret place to die.

We sometimes feed her her special 'kidney disease' diet with water and forcefeed her when she doesn't seem to be eating. The mixture does look like oatmeal.

Can she actually feel our emotions? I'm asking you this because I feel she doesn't like or love me much, when I actually love her lots; just that I'm stern with her sometimes.

She's already a very grouchy cat by nature; I wonder how much grouchier she'll get!

I'll let you know when she passes.


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